How To Hire A Photographer In London

Photographer in the studio with equipment camers

How To Hire A Photographer In London 

Maybe you are looking to have some expert images taken for a project. This could be images for an ecommerce site of products or headshots for a website. To follow are some tips to look for when you want to hire a photographer in london. With many freelance photographers in London it can be a little daunting to choose the most suitable photographer for you. 

How to find a freelance photographer in London

The Google Search Method

To start we need to search for a photographer for the photoshoot. This can be done in a few ways these include:

A google search, searching for the term of work needed to be done

For example ‘Portrait Photographer In Kilburn’ 

                     ‘ Freelance Photographer In London’

‘ Hire a photographer in London

Searching for these phrase will give you a list of photographers that you can then get in contact with to learn more. 

Asking Friends and Family For Referalls

The more experienced photographers out there will work largely on referalls. Having built up a list of clients over many years. Ask friends and family if they can recommend any quality photographers for the work to be done.

Many people have hired a photographer at sometime. Maybe for a wedding, event, business headshots or a family portrait. Asking around can be a great idea to find recommended photographers

Using a Website That Specialises In Finding a Photographer

There are range of outsourcing websites out there. Groupon can be used to find photographers, many with discounts being offered. The website specialise in finding a photographer in London. 

Business Directories  To Hire A Photographer In London

They have an easy to use search option. To find the exact needs of your work. They can come in more exspensive than a good experienced freelance photographer working on their own.

Business directories  can be used, such as or yelp.

Searching Social Media Accounts

Once you have a shortlist of photographers to use its time to research them a little. Many good photographers out there will have a website. Websites are a great way to check for positive reviews. And also look for facebook. Instagram, or even a yotube channel for more examples of the photographers work.  Facebook is also a place to check for reviews from previous clients of the photographer.

What Does The Photographer Specialise In?

There are many different photographers out there and its key to choose the photographer with suitable specialities. Many photographers in London have there own studios that they work from and also work out on location.

You may find some people specialise in wedding photography and others are good all rounders. Offering images for headshots, jewellery or book photography.

Does The Photographer Have Positive Reviews?

Many photographers will have a website to show off their portfolio of work. The websites may also have reviews from previous clients. Also there are websites out there with ratings for photographers by the area they work including This is a great website for finding your ideal photographer to work with. 

Go Through The Photographers Portfolio Of Work

Go through the portfolio of work on their own website. This will give you a great idea of the style the photographer works in. And also an you may want to ask for some extra examples of their work. 

Check the images for heavy editing and the authenticity of the work.

Consider The style That The Photographer Works In

Specialist photographers will have their own style of working in. For example two different wedding photographers may shoot images in different ways. 

Have A One To One Conversation 

Once a shortlist has been made of a few photographers to work with an interview may be considered. Working with the photographer as a collaboration not just letting them shoot away will produce a successful project.

Have a few questions to ask, these may include;

  • How much experience do you have in this style.
  • Do I own all the copyrights of the work
  • Are you a full time professional photographer or as a side income
  • How much equipment do you use for location photography
  • How much work have you completed in this style this year

The Most Experienced Photographers Will Be A Good Option

And many photographers out there will have many years of experience perfecting their own style of images. In addition, they will work efficiently and give a really good experience. They know how to get the best from their work. 

Therefore, choosing a photographer with many years of experience may be a great option for your project.  A freelancer with a few years experience as a hobbiest may not produce the same quality work as a full time freelancer with 20 years experience.

Check The Photographers Work For Heavy Editing

For instance, images that have been edited a lot after the shoot has taken place will not come across as authentic as those that have not. And many photographers offer a free editing on a set number of images. Therefore, editing should be a quick light edit getting the best from the image and without overdoing it.

Take The Cost And Prices Of The Photoshoot Into Consideration

Many freelance photographers in London offer a range of prices. A set price for a number of images if taken in a studio. 

For example: a 1 hour shoot in a London studio for £75 with any extra time added per hour on top of this. 

A few factors can affect the pricing of a shoot. 

  • The experience of the photographer
  • Time taken for the shoot
  • The equipment needed, props, and any extra staff
  • The type of event / wedding or a headshot shoot in a studio.

Have A Detailed Plan Of Your Project

To get the best results from a photoshoot it’s a great idea to go in with a concise detailed plan.

  • Lighting
  • Mood
  • A range of outfits
  • What the images will be used for
  • Location of the shoot and any props needed
  • In studio or out on location, 
  • Possible use of animals / maybe a snake is needed
  • Have some images with the look you are looking for to give an example to your photographer.
  • A pet friendly photographer

For example, a bullet list can be made of the requirements you want from the shoot.

In listing what you want from the photoshoot then the ideal photographer can be hired. 

However, make sure you and your photographer are a great fit for each other. And if you don’t feel comfortable mention this. Many times they will guide you in the right direction of someone who does. 


In Conclusion, there are many freelance photographers in London for hire with speciality skills. Some will work best with pets others for property. An experienced photographer is a great choice in the field you are looking for. 

The range of specialities include:

  • Wedding photography 
  • Portrait photoshoots
  • Food Photoshoots
  • Product Photography
  • Pet Photoshoots
  • Family 
  • Fashion Photoshoot

Knowing what the requirements are from the shoot and matching these up with a suitable photographer is key.